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DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado has seen big improvements in this week’s drought monitor thanks to the impressive rainfall totals from last week’s storm system.

Parts of the Front Range picked up 3-6 inches of rain in just the last week. The May rainfall total for Denver is now at 4.77 inches, making it the ninth-wettest May on record so far.

This week’s drought monitor update has 11% of Colorado still in a drought. The rest of the state is completely drought-free or in abnormally dry conditions, indicated by yellow in the graphic below.

The Front Range is currently not in any type of drought condition, nor is most of the western half of the state.

Around 55% of Colorado is in the drought-free category. The other 45% of the state is in abnormally dry conditions (yellow), which is the step just under a moderate drought.

The last time this much of Colorado was not under any type of drought conditions was in August 2021.

These drought improvements will be a huge help for Colorado heading into the warmer months and will help to keep fire danger low for at least the next few weeks.

There are more rain chances in the forecast on Thursday night into Friday, with widespread showers and storms possible again by mid-to-late next week.