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DENVER (KDVR) — Update 11/11 1:45 p.m.: The Denver Office of the Medical Examiner identified the couple as Dillon Emerson and Kathryn Cochran.

An autopsy showed Emerson died from a gunshot wound, and the manner of death is suicide. Cochran died from gunshot wounds and the manner of death is homicide, according to the coroner’s office.

Original Story: The Denver Police Department said two people, a man and woman who were in a relationship, died following a shooting Monday morning.

The incident happened around 6:13 a.m. at 8101 E. Dartmouth Ave.

At least two vehicles were engulfed in flames when police and firefighters arrived on the scene.

A group of neighbors tried to save the woman after shots were fired. One of the neighbors described the scene as horrific as chaos erupted.

The usual morning silence was broken with the sound of gunfire and then the smell of smoke.

Some neighbors told FOX31 they were sound asleep when they began hearing loud bangs in the area.

“I woke up to three consecutive loud banging noises. It sounded like a trash can banging against the concrete, which was probably the gunshots. And then shortly after that, there was a revving sound,” said a neighbor named Jen.

In this usually quiet neighborhood, residents found a car that had crashed in a driveway and things took a turn for the worse.

“One of the neighbors came out with a fire extinguisher because it (the car) started to catch fire. A couple of the neighbors opened the car doors to see if anybody was inside and discovered there was a woman inside there,” said neighbor Russ Skigen.

Time was ticking as the fire grew worse. Skigen and his neighbors tried to rescue the woman in trouble.

“So (we) reached in and pulled her out. The three of us pulled her out and brought her to the side over there. She had apparently been shot in the face,” added a distraught Skigen.

The woman died at the scene.

Her car was registered to a nearby home. That’s where police found a man who had also been shot.

“It was horrific seeing something like that happen. It was surreal like it was not happening but it was,” said Skigen as neighbors tried to console each other.

Neighbors told us the couple had just moved into the home where the man was found dead.

“It’s just shocking you don’t expect to happen in your neighborhood,” said Jen.

Police are still talking to neighbors and looking for anyone who might have surveillance video that could help piece together what happened.

The names of the two people who died have not been released.