DENVER (KDVR) — It’s been “one hail of a year” in Colorado, at least according to data posted by the National Weather Service.

A map posted by the NWS shows that, so far this year, there have been 151 reports of hail over 2 inches in diameter in Colorado, which is around the size of a lime or larger.

That number puts the Centennial State second only to Texas, which has reportedly seen 344 reports of the damaging-sized hail, more than twice that recorded by any other state.

Much of this was concentrated in the eastern part of the state, as noted by NWS.

Data from the Colorado Climate Center from 1955 to 2022 shows that a vast majority of hail over 2 inches falls east of the mountains.

Across the 67 years, there have only been a handful of reports of hail 2 inches or larger in the western half of the state.

Notable hail storms so far in 2023

The most notable hail storm so far this year came in late June, when nearly 100 concertgoers at Red Rocks Amphitheatre were injured by hail.

Seven people were hospitalized by the large hail, which NWS confirmed was around 2 inches in diameter.

  • Nearly baseball-sized hail in the palm of a hand
  • Hail larger than a quarter in Littleton, Bowles and Pierce on June 22, 2023
  • Three piece of golf-ball sized hail in the palm of a hand

A little over a week later, widespread damage was reported in Brush after a storm with baseball-sized hail swept through.

Earlier, on May 10, there were reports of large hail in several counties, with reports of 3- and 4-inch hail in Washington and Morgan counties.