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ARVADA, Colo. (KDVR) — Arvada police said Gordon Beesley, the Arvada police officer killed in Monday’s shooting in Olde Town, was “ambushed” and “targeted” because he was a police officer.

In a Tuesday press conference, Arvada Police Chief Link Strate also identified the other person killed in the shooting as 40-year-old John Hurley, of Golden.

Strate released few other details, citing the ongoing investigation, but stressed that the suspect, who has not yet been identified, deliberately targeted Beesley.

“While we don’t yet have all the facts, I can tell you that Gordon was targeted because he was wearing an Arvada Police uniform and a badge,” Strate said in a Tuesday news conference. “Officer Beesley was ambushed by a person who expressed hatred of police officers.”

Strate said investigators believe the shooting was an isolated incident and the “community is safe.”

“We are hurt and troubled, but most importantly, we are committed to the protection of this community, our community, that we all love, and to honor Officer Gordon Beesley and Mr. Hurley,” Strate said.

Strate said that police have not yet made any connection between the suspect and Hurley, who police have identified as a “Samaritan” in the incident, although they have not yet released more information about what happened.

Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader said there are two investigations into the incident.

Arvada Police will lead the criminal investigation into the shooter’s actions with support from state and federal law enforcement.

The other investigation will involve a “critical incident response team,” as is practice when an officers opens fire while on duty. Investigators from throughout Jefferson County will review the incident to determine whether police protocols were properly followed.

“It’s important to the Beesleys, it’s important to the Hurleys, to ensure that we have integrity in this investigation and that we comply with state law,” Shrader said.

Shrader said investigators have been gathering crime scene information but still have to take some witnesses statements. He said it would be “preliminary” to release further information at this stage of the investigation.

The suspect also was killed. No further information has been released so far.