ARVADA, Colo. (KDVR) — Fire Station 3 is a brand new firehouse in Arvada. It sits on the same site as the original Station 3 which was built in 1963. The new station may look vintage from the outside but has state-of-the-art technology on the inside to keep firefighters safe and healthy.

Firefighting technology is always in a state of motion, always advancing to keep firefighters safe from smoke and heat. 

Fighting fires is not the only danger for first responders, you can add cancer to that list, too.

“Anytime we are going into a hazardous environment, especially fires, that is producing a lot of carcinogens.” Arvada Fire Department Public Information Officer Amber Jones said.

Exhaust from engines is a very real hazard as well, now there is another hose firefighters use every day. 

“It hooks to the exhaust of the engine as it is coming back into the bay or leaving and it sucks all that exhaust,” Jones said.

Residual smoke on equipment and even the fire retardant foam used is hazardous to one’s health. But fire gear gets a good cleaning back at the station.  

“Those crews were actually going to take off their gear on scene, and get brand new clean clothes so we’re not transferring those carcinogens and bad stuff in the vehicles,” Jones said.

This technology and awareness are relatively new. Jones’s father and grandfather, who both happen to have worked right here at the old station 3 did not have that technology available to them. But they did have the same courage, dedication and self-sacrifice as the current occupants of Arvada Station 3.