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DENVER (KDVR) — The owners of a home in Green Valley Ranch have found themselves in a nightmarish battle with their homeowners’ association.

The owners tell us a lien has been placed on their house as the result of an oil stain, which they say they’ve cleaned and removed.

“We thought everything was good and done. Then I got another paper in the mail stating that I now had a fine,” owner Sarah Standifird said.

The Standifirds say they sent their HOA pictures of the cleaned driveway and complained that they only had received one notice. They were supposed to receive two.

Despite this, the fines rose from $200 to $2000.

“I’m not sure why. We called them and try to figure it out. They basically were saying that we didn’t call them to have them come out here and look. Which we did,” Standifird told FOX31 while at their home in Green Valley Ranch.

This household is the latest to complain about the Master Homeowners Association of Green Valley Ranch.

On Friday, the association sent a response to FOX31 after we told it about similar complaints made by other homeowners earlier this week.  

In part, the statement from the board of directors said “the association creates curb appeal and increases property values by enforcing promises homeowners made about the upkeep of their properties.”

“All owners are provided written notice of any violation and an opportunity to cure that violation,” it added.

Helping homeowners tackle problems like these is the mission of a local group called Colorado HOA Forum.

“Our organization is reviewing their complaint, giving advice and vetting their complaint. Is this frivolous or is this on good solid ground,” said the president of the group, Stanley Hrincevich.

The forum offers ideas on how to handle a range of issues.

One of the forum’s primary goals is to help prevent homeowners from ever needing an attorney and incurring the associated costs.

The forum provides a number of answers to frequently asked questions and their services are free.

It’s the type of help the Standifirds could use as they battle to keep from losing their home.

A town hall meeting, open to the public, will take place in Green Valley Ranch Saturday at the Green Valley Recreation Center starting at 10:30 a.m.