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JACKSON COUNTY, Colo. — Colorado Parks and Wildlife is working to confirm two possible gray wolf sightings in Jackson and Grand counties in northern Colorado.

The Coloradoan reports that someone sent the agency a photo that might show a radio-collared wolf near Walden in Jackson County.

Biologists are trying to confirm another recent sighting just to the south in Grand County.

On Tuesday, Gov. Jared Polis tweeted video of the possible wolf sighting.

Gray wolves were native to Colorado but were hunted to near extinction by the 1940s.

Spokeswoman Rebecca Ferrell says the Jackson County animal might have wandered from nearby Wyoming, one of several states where the wolf has been reintroduced.

The last confirmed Colorado wolf sightings were near Walden in 2015.

In all, there are about 6,000 gray wolves in the Northern Rockies, Pacific Northwest and Western Great Lakes.