LAFAYETTE, Colo. (KDVR) — UPDATE: The Boulder District Attorney ruled the Lafayette officer involved in the shooting at the Circle K was legally justified to use force.

“From the time the first shot was fired to the last shot you’re looking at 20 seconds at the most where as you and I have got hours and days to sit back and analyze and say oh well I would’ve done this, this should have happened, been done better and with hindsight if you know what the end result is going to be its easier to formulate a better plan,” said James Allbee, Chief Investigator at Metro Intelligence Agency.

The Lafayette Police Department says an officer is in the hospital and a suspect is dead after a shooting early Tuesday morning.

The incident happened around 1:25 a.m. at the Circle K gas station at 225 West South Boulder Rd.

Police said an automated license plate reader alert notified them of a stolen vehicle near South Boulder Road and Dixon Avenue. The stolen vehicle, a silver Toyota Camry, was at the Circle K gas station at a pump and was unoccupied, police said.

When police arrived at the gas station, they noticed the suspects exit the store to go to the vehicle, but then they started leaving the area on foot.

LPD said a male suspect ran back to the stolen car and started firing a handgun at officers. One of the officers was shot in the leg. Another officer then returned shots at the suspect. LPD said the suspect was found dead inside the vehicle at the gas station.

The suspect has been identified as Ethan Huiras, 20.

The Lafayette police officer that was shot was taken to the hospital. The officer was released from the hospital on Tuesday morning around 8 a.m.

The officer and suspect’s identities have not yet been released.

A second person involved in the incident was detained. LPD said there is no threat to the public.

LPD said the Boulder County Investigation Team, also known as the Boulder Critical Incident Team, will investigate the officer’s use of force in the shooting.

The officer involved in the shooting has been placed on administrative leave during the investigation as a part of the protocol.