BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — An investigation into a stolen vehicle took a sweet turn after one of the responding officers adopted a dog he found abandoned in the backseat. 

Boulder Police Officer Nate Taylor works the overnight patrol shift.

On July 20, he was called to assist in a case where other officers had stopped a stolen vehicle.

“I noticed a dog kind of poked their head up in the back seat, so naturally, I was kind of like, ‘Good job on the arrests, guys, but what about the dog?'” Taylor said.

Dog seen on body camera video

Body camera video captures the first moments between Taylor and the dog, named Bonnie.

“She was super friendly,” Taylor said. “Very friendly and hopped right out with me, played a little bit in the parking lot.”

Screenshot of body camera video showing a white dog in the back of vehicle at night
Boulder Police Officer Nate Taylor found this dog abandoned in a stolen vehicle. (Credit: Boulder Police Department)

Taylor was obligated to take Bonnie to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. However, he said she had already stolen his heart. 

“It was an immediate connection. Just how well-behaved she was and, like I said, we played in the parking lot a little bit when I was taking her back to my car. So by the time we made it over to the Humane Society, I went to drop her off, and I texted a few pictures to my husband,” Taylor said.

He left his name and number with the Humane Society and asked them to call him if no one came to claim Bonnie. After more than a week, her owners still had not shown up.

“When we finally got the call that she was ready to go and that they were going to start the screening for the adoption process, we were — we were very happy,” Taylor said.

Bonnie loves to snuggle, play and get treats

He does not know anything about the dog’s past, her previous owners or how she was treated.

“Nothing. Nothing at all, other than the night that I met her,” he said. “I think naturally there’s a little bit of curiosity, but at the same time, with how everything’s gone, I could care less.”

Bonnie now lives with Taylor, his husband and their dachshunds. She loves to snuggle, play and get treats.

“That’s why a lot of us do this job. It’s, we’re not the kind of people that like to sit behind a desk day in day out, so it is something new every day. This is another one of those instances,” Taylor said.