DENVER (KDVR) — For a city full of dogs, Denver leash laws aren’t straightforward.

There’s no specific law that says a dog must be on a leash in Denver, it only states that the dog can’t be running at large off a leash. That being said, there’s only a handful of dogs that will stay by your side in a wide-open field.

Luckily, this law doesn’t apply when your pup is in a designated off-leash enclosure. Here are some places you can take your dog off-leash, as long as they’re supervised by an owner over 18 years old:

Barnum Dog Park

Inside Barnum Park are two designated sections where your dog can go off-leash. The sections are divided by energy level with one section being more laid back and the other for dogs with the zoomies. The spot is enclosed with a fence.

Berkeley Dog Park

Right next to Berkeley Lake is a huge, fully fenced dog park. It’s filled with sand and offers enough space for your furbaby to let out some energy.

Fuller Dog Park

Within Fuller Park lies two designated dog areas. Like Barnum Park, the two areas are split up into different energy levels. While the park is mostly grass, the dog area is on a sandy surface.

Lowry Dog Park

Lowry Dog Park is one of the bigger areas where you can take your dog off-leash. There are two fenced-in areas, one with sand and one with grass. There’s also an agility area with obstacles for athletics pups.

Kennedy Dog Park

In the park, there are three acres of fenced-in space for your furbaby. However, that’s the only area they can be off-leash. In the rest of the park, your pup is required to be on a leash.

There are 12 off-leash dog parks in Denver. For the full list, go to the City of Denver’s website.