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DENVER — The off-duty FBI agent who allegedly dropped and fired his gun while doing a backflip at a Denver nightclub works in the department’s Washington bureau, sources confirmed Tuesday.

The sources identified the agent as 29-year-old Chase Bishop.

The Denver Police Department said Monday it is still investigating the shooting that happened about 12:45 a.m. Saturday at Mile High Spirits Distillery at 2201 Lawrence St. near downtown Denver.

Police asked any witnesses to call them at 720-913-2000. The Denver District Attorney’s Office will determine if Bishop will face any charges.

A woman recorded the shooting with her cellphone. It shows the agent dancing for the crowd and after he does a backflip, the weapon falls out of the back of his waistband.

The gun fired as he went to pick it up, hitting a man in the crowd.

Instead of being arrested, Bishop was turned over to his FBI supervisor, a move some experts believe is a clear case of special treatment.

Mile High Spirits Distillery released a statement on Monday that labeled the incident “shocking” and added it didn’t know the agent was carrying a gun, which is “in violation of our rules.”

The statement also reads that this is the first shooting at the club and the staff offered condolences to the victim before adding that “he’s welcome at Mile High Spirits to enjoy complimentary drinks forever.”