DENVER (KDVR) — Starting Oct. 1, you will pay a fine if you are caught weaving in and out of the express lanes on the Interstate 25 and C-470 corridors.

In September, the Colorado Department of Transportation set up roadway technology that tracked drivers weaving through the solid white lines on C-470 from I-25 to Wadsworth Boulevard and I-25 from U.S. 36 to E-470.

During September, only written warnings were sent to those who broke the law. On Sunday, that grace period is over.

Using roadway sensors, cameras and new software, over 40,000 warnings were issued in just 20 days.

“We realize that 40,000 warnings sounds like a large figure, and in sheer numbers, it is,” CDOT spokesman Tim Hoover said. “However, it represents only a small proportion of drivers on these corridors, with the vast majority of motorists following the law and driving safely. Unfortunately, a minority of drivers are creating dangerous conditions for everyone on the road with their weaving.”

How much will the fine cost?

Crossing the solid white line will cost a $75 fine, which doubles if you don’t pay it within 20 days.

There are signs along the express lanes stating that fines could reach up to $250, which is the limit that’s allowed by the state statute. However, CDOT states that fines will begin at $75.

How do I pay that fine?

If you get a fine sent to your home address, there are a few ways you can pay it.

Either pay online at with your license plate or notice number, or pay with your notice number using the automated phone system at 1-800-450-5167.

For more information, visit CDOT’s website.

This is just the beginning. Civil penalties are already in effect on the I-70 Mountain Express Lane corridor from Idaho Springs to U.S. 40. The ultimate goal is to implement this penalty on all express lane corridors in Colorado.