DENVER (KDVR) — Kate Schofield is a 9-year-old from Broomfield who has played hockey since she was 5.

“I love playing hockey, especially with all my friends,” Kate said. “There’s a lot more girls than when I started playing.” 

Kate’s father, Jason Schofield, is the director of amateur hockey development for the Colorado Avalanche.

“These girls can play,” he said.

“Girls hockey is, in the country and especially in Colorado, exploding,” Jason said. “When we look at our Learn To Play Program, traditionally we’ve seen about 10% to 15% of the players in Colorado be female. Our Learn To Play Program is over 30%, which is phenomenal growth.”

Plus, there are a lot more opportunities for girls to play hockey now.

Hannah Westbrook played professionally overseas before coming home to Colorado where she is director of the Colorado Fourteeners Hockey Program.

“At the Colorado Fourteeners, we had 180 girls last year just represented in one program in the state,” she said. “It’s just been awesome to watch it evolve and see all the girls participate and be part of a sport that’s mostly looked at as a boys’ sport.”