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DENVER — A new study released on Tuesday morning says that the number of Colorado teens who admit to using marijuana has dropped below the national average for the first time.

The study surveyed more than 500 teens in Denver and about 56,000 young people statewide.

According to researchers, the national average of teens who admit to using marijuana is at 20 percent while in Colorado that number is at 19 percent with four out of five Colorado youth saying that they do not use marijuana.

In Denver, four out five teens say they haven’t used marijuana in the last month.

Denver’s high costs campaign, which uses tax dollars, say ads are working.

75 percent of teens who knew about the campaign said it did discouraged them from using marijuana. The city spent millions targeting teens on social media and other apps.

The study also found that 79 percent of teens surveyed thought their peers use marijuana but in reality it’s estimated to be only 19 percent.