DENVER (KDVR) — Denver Nuggets fans have been supporting their team and showing their fandom in many different ways this championship run.

One couple has let their neighborhood and anyone driving through it know they’re Nuggets fans in a big way.

Graeme Nistler and his wife, who live in the Harvey Park neighborhood a few blocks south of Evans Avenue and Lowell Boulevard, took the “Go big or go home” saying to another level. They went big at home.

Nistler said the letters are 15 inches by 27 inches and that he color-matched the paint to get the exact Nuggets colors.

So if you’re in the Harvey Park neighborhood, you can’t miss this display as it has become a bit of a popular attraction for fans stopping by to check it out.

Artist paints Nuggets mural on Colfax building

A local artist who goes by the name Detour, spraypainted the mural of Nuggets superstars Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray on a building at Colfax Avenue and Race Street.

“A lot of times the architecture in cities and communities are muted. So adding like a bright color to the wall but also something that’s relevant to their lives, which the Denver Nuggets are, it’s always exciting,” Detour said.