DENVER (KDVR) — The Denver Nuggets made team history after defeating the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference and advancing to the NBA Finals. But during the playoff games, several local fans were unhappy with the announcers and the focus of the coverage of the games. 

“The Nuggets have had to climb out of this idea that they are a flyover city,” Ryan Edwards, with KOA Radio, said. 

Edwards said he thinks the reason the Nuggets aren’t getting the national respect is because they haven’t been to the NBA Finals like other teams have. 

“I like how this team fits in with the community and I think they will represent well in the Finals,” Edwards said. 

Darrin Duber-Smith, a senior lecturer at Metropolitan State University of Denver, said he thinks more people, not just locally but across the nation, will jump on the Nuggets bandwagon. 

“The Nuggets are gaining new fans every day. The city is looking really good,” Duber-Smith said.  

He is equally as excited because he’s been a Nuggets fan for years, Duber-Smith said he thinks this is a great look for the city as well. He said it could attract more people to visit or move here. 

“In terms of the focus the media has on what’s happening, don’t sell short the opening shots when they show Denver or Colorado. It just makes the city look beautiful,” Duber-Smith said.