BROOMFIELD, Colo. (KDVR) — The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a deadly single-engine plane crash in Broomfield’s Anthem Ranch neighborhood.

Crews and aviation officials worked on investigating and cleaning up the wreckage near Lowell Boulevard and Las Brisas Drive Sunday afternoon into the evening.

North Metro Fire confirmed two people were killed in the crash, but no bystanders were injured and no homes were damaged.

Professor Chad Kendall of Metropolitan State University is an aviation expert who lives near an airport. He told FOX31 that the investigation into the crash will look at key factors.

“Was the airplane airworthy? Were there any mechanical issues that the pilot could not see that could have happened in flight? They look at the operation, what was the weather like,” he said.

Kendall adds that while crashes near populated areas are tragic, they are not likely.

“There’s a multitude of airports around congested areas that operations occur day in and day out,” he said.

The crash occurred just minutes from Erie Municipal Airport, where the runway is nestled inside the sprawl of suburban neighborhoods, businesses and busy streets. Kendall says residents living in those areas should understand that precautions and planning are based on strict safety standards.

“There are hundreds of operations out of these airports as far as takeoffs and landings each day it does not affect my decision to live near these airports,” Kendall said.