‘Now it’s entertainment, as opposed to tragedy,’ Broomfield neighborhood attracts the curious

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BROOMFIELD, Colo. (KDVR) — The Broomfield neighborhood where pieces of the United Airlines Boeing 777 rained from above, has almost become a spectacle. Small pieces of the engine that exploded in the sky above their homes are still scattered throughout lawns and sidewalks. 

“I just found a piece actually, I’m not sure what it is but it’s part of the engine,” said Davian Nitz from Lakewood. “It’s got foam inside and metal.”

The major pieces of engine debris were collected by the National Transportation Safety Board Saturday night.

“We wanted to just check out what happened, and see, you don’t expect anything like this to happen,” Melanie Schuckembrock said, who also drove from Lakewood to see what’s been left behind. “It’s just unbelievable.”

Kirby Klements was sitting inside his living room Saturday afternoon when a massive piece of the engine fell on the bed of this truck, just feet away from his home and where he was sitting.
“We just joked, if we had a dollar for every car that’s pulled over to look, we’d be 500 dollars richer right now,” said Klements Sunday evening.

Klements just paid several thousand dollars for repairs to his truck. He hadn’t driven it since returning from the shop and wants United Airlines to replace his pickup.

“This is my main concern right now, getting my truck fixed,” Klements said. “But the first thing is nobody was hurt. So that makes a big difference for how you feel. So it’s now it’s just excitement, entertainment, a novelty sort of thing, as opposed to being a tragedy.”

Broomfield Police continue to ask people to not pick up any debris from the engine. If you find any pieces you should call them at 303-438-6400 and an officer will come out to pick it up immediately.  

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