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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Aurora Water is warning homeowners with sprinkler irrigation systems to wait a few weeks before turning on their system. It could prevent damage to their irrigation system and save money in repairs.

Near-record warmth is in the forecast but that does not mean the possibility of freezing temperatures is behind us.

“We know it’s really warm outside and everybody wants to get outside and play in their landscape,” Tim York feels your pain. He is a water conservation supervisor with Aurora Water.

That means it is time to turn on your irrigation system, right? Wrong! Aurora Water tells The Problem Solvers now is not the time.

“The biggest worry is that you turn on your irrigation system too early and you can freeze and break your backflow prevention device,” said York.

The backflow  prevention device is only found on homes with a sprinkler system installed.

“It’s preventing backflow, so flow of water from your landscape backwards into your house system,” said York.

If you turn it on now, and it freezes again, that could lead to cracking and diverting water somewhere else once it thaws. These leaks are expensive, and could flood your landscaping, your street or worse, your home.

The average date of the last freeze in Denver is May 4. That means there is still more than a month where we could have temperatures at or below 32 degrees.

To play it safe and to avoid costly repairs, wait until Mother’s Day, May 9, before you turn on your sprinkler system. And, don’t forget to get some flowers for mom.

In 2007, Denver’s last freeze date was not until June 8.

The 10 latest dates for the latest freeze in Denver since 1872 are:

  1. June 8, 2007
  2. June 2, 1951
  3. June 1, 1919
  4. May 30, 1883
  5. May 28, 1947
  6. May 26, 1950
  7. May 24, 2002
  8. May 22, 2019, May 22, 1930, May 22, 1910