DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado was treated to quite the light show Sunday night. A massive solar storm caused an aurora borealis that could be seen from the state and many others.

Jodi Kern took some beautiful pictures from her home in Grand Lake.

“I was super excited. I was definitely nerding out,” she said.

At first, she saw a green haze.

“I took a picture and there was this huge smear of red in the picture, and I ran inside and woke up my husband and my son and was like, we can see the aurora!” she said.

FOX31 and Channel 2 viewers sent photos from all over the state. Some came in from Boulder County. Others came in from near Barr Lake State Park.

“There were auroras all the way down to the Mexico border,” said Grant Denn, a physics professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver. “Rarely does it get as far south,” he said.

Aurora borealis causes some tech irregularity

Bill Murtagh, the program coordinator at the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, said,” Our biggest fear is a power outage.”

But Murtagh said this solar storm caused minimal disruptions.

“Lots of irregularities in technology, but mostly manageable. Everyone else just appreciates the lovely light show,” he said.

It was a show that meant a lot to the Kerns in Grand Lake.

“We lost our house in that spot in the East Troublesome fire in 2020. So maybe it was a little bit of payback: Hey, sorry about that, but here’s a little magic for you,” Jodie Kern said.