FORT MORGAN, Colo. (KDVR) – Thousands of people are in the path of a blizzard headed for northeastern Colorado.

Blizzard warnings have been posted in several counties.

Winds in Fort Morgan began picking up speed Monday afternoon, but nothing like what’s expected Tuesday morning.

CDOT has been preparing plows for the miles of interstate at risk on the northeastern plains including the I-25 Corridor, I-76 and I-70 east of Denver. CDOT trucks have been seen carrying sand while others were seen carrying a fluid called Ice Ban.

CSP Sterling tweeted out “Be prepared for mass road closures as conditions deteriorate.”

“The mountains are going to see a lot of snow. The plains are going to see a little bit, but it’s going to be whipping around on the plains pretty good and that’s what could mess with drivers,” Regional CDOT Communication MGR Jared Fiel said.

Storms in this area have caused major problems in the past, like one in March two years ago that produced whiteout conditions.

Another big concern in this part of the state is cattle.

Ranchers have been rounding up herds for a couple of days now in advance of the storm. Ranchers risk losing livestock when weather conditions are at their worst. Snow drifts and blowing wind can prevent them from reaching their food and water.

“I’ve seen and heard of the time years ago that it was up to five days before they could get to their cattle. In fact, we have had storms down in Lamar several years ago that the only way they could get to their livestock was by helicopter and hay drop-offs,” CSU Morgan County Livestock Extension Agent Marlin Eisenach said.

The worst of the conditions are expected to pass through the northeastern part of the state Tuesday at sunrise.

CDOT is asking people to stay off the roads during the worst of the weather, to hunker down and get ready for some strong winds that could last a couple of days.