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CENTENNIAL, Colo. — Dogs and cats in need of families got off a plane Sunday morning in Centennial. Officials hope those animals will be placed with people in Utah, Montana and Colorado.

Volunteers with various nonprofits saved than 100 dogs and cats that were at risk of being killed in shelters in New Mexico. The ongoing effort moves pets from parts of the United States where they aren’t wanted to areas where they are in high demand.

Since the founding of “Dog Is My Co-Pilot” in 2012, the organization has grown from saving a few hundred lives a year to more than 2,500 annually, according to a press release from the nonprofit. For the founder of the group, Sunday’s trip was extra special.

“Today we’re carrying our 10,000th passenger,” Peter Rork of Dog Is My CoPilot said. “10,000 … that we’ve saved so far, and I’m bringing [one] home with me. It’s a chocolate lab out of Hobbs, New Mexico. I don’t know what his name was before, but his name is Hobbs now. I have two other rescues at home, and they’re all going to have a great time.”

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The animals were saved thanks to coordinated efforts of Dog Is My CoPilot (DIMC), From Forgotten to Forever Animal Rescue and Transport, DC Paws, Amazing Grace Pet Rescue and Reeds Ranch and Rescue, according to DIMC press release.