DENVER (KDVR) – Seventy Denver Public Schools teachers were the recipients of a nonprofit foundation that gave out more than $20,000 worth of what they described as some much-needed school supplies. 

If there was ever “The Happiest Teacher of the Year” award, it would certainly go to Arielle Walker, who is a fourth-grade teacher at Munroe Elementary School in Denver.

On Thursday, Walker was exceptionally happy because she was one of 30 teachers at Munroe Elementary receiving this gifting of school supplies. 

FOX31 had to wrangle her for a question or two and when we were able to speak with her, the first thing that was asked was, “Why is there a shortage of school supplies?”

“Our district doesn’t have the funding,” Walker explained.

According to Walker, the students will either not have the supplies, or the teachers will just have to buy them for their students themselves. Walker said that this can cost up to $1,000 per year, and that is for every teacher.

However, deciding between those two options wasn’t something Walker had to do on Thursday.

“This is the first time in 11 years that I am not buying my own chart markers and I’m not buying my own stuff for the calm corners,” Walker said, “this is kind of life-changing for me.”

This is all thanks to the Tuchman Family Foundation and its Supplies for Success initiative.

“Wouldn’t it be a cool idea if we could impact 1000 kids and 70 teachers and provide them with the wish lists of what each teacher wanted?” Ken Tuchman with the Tuchman Family Foundation asked.

That was quite alright with Walker.

“The reaction is not just my reaction, it’s thinking about how the kids are going to be impacted, then how parents are impacted, and just community-wide,” Walker said.

The lesson for Thursday was a message to the Tuchman Family Foundation that Walker had written on the chalkboard of her classroom. It read: “You rock!”

That same message can also be said in response to Walker’s efforts for her students.