FOUNTAIN, Colo. (KDVR) — The community of southern Colorado is rallying behind the family of fallen Officer Julian Becerra who died from his injuries while trying to stop a carjacking suspect.

“We support you. We care and we are sorry for what happened to your family member,” Gerard Bouwmans, who is on the board for the Southern Colorado Law Enforcement Foundation and a Colorado Springs police officer said.

Becerra fell nearly 40 feet while trying to stop a carjacking suspect. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. It was announced a few days later he was on life support. Becerra passed away Saturday night.

“It sounds like this suspect was on release and he reoffended and unfortunately an officer has died because of that,” Officer Bouwmans said.

The SCLEF is focused on helping smaller agencies who might not have the resources or support. They also step up to help officer families when someone is injured or killed in the line of duty.

“We know he was a pretty well-liked cop. He worked in the K9 department. He will leave a legacy,” Officer Bouwmans said.

So far the organization has raised $24,000 for Officer Becerra’s family. Officer Becerra leaves behind a wife and two young children.

“When you go to work, you know you have a target, you could get hurt while protecting the community,” Officer Bouwmans said.

If you’d like to donate, all the money will go to the Officer’s family. You can donate here.

Becerra’s family set up a GoFundMe to help them during this time.

According to the Fountain Police Department, the last officer to die in the line of duty with their department was back in 1921.