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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — It’s been nine months since the last time there was a shooting at Nome Park in Aurora.

Back then six teens were shot, coming from nearby Aurora Central High School. This time, no one was hurt, but it’s added to the concern folks have for their safety.

Children at play are the sights and sounds that the people who live around Nome Park would hope they hear every day.

“Yeah, I was eating lunch at the time, inside the house, but I heard about eight or nine gunshots,” Aurora resident Steve Blue said.

Police say that around 1 p.m. Wednesday, someone fired shots and struck a home on the 1200 block of Nome Street. Bullet holes were visible from the sidewalk on Wednesday.

FOX31 spoke with the resident of the home off camera. He said no one was there at the time. Neighbors were home, bearing witness yet again to gunfire in their neighborhood.

“I came out a little while later and there was cops everywhere,” Blue said.

It’s not the first time this neighborhood and Nome Park have a heavy police presence.

In November 2021, six students from nearby Aurora Central High School were shot after a drive-by shooting, also at Nome Park.

It’s a horrifying trend for anyone wanting Nome to be just a park where children play and not another setting for gun violence.

Aurora Police did acknowledge this shooting on social media. They said they are investigating but have provided no other details.