DENVER (KDVR) — A woman has been arrested and accused of trying to carjack, shoot at and rob multiple people during a crime spree at a shopping complex in Denver. 

Alexis Dicarlo is being investigated on counts of attempted murder, felony menacing, aggravated robbery, attempted aggravated robbery and assault on a peace officer.

Crime spree at Happy Canyon Shopping Center

According to the Denver Police Department, two employees at a business in the Happy Canyon Shopping Center confronted a woman they believed was stealing from a vehicle. They say the woman, Dicarlo, allegedly pointed a handgun at the two people, who ran to safety. 

Police said Dicarlo approached another person sitting inside a vehicle, pointed the gun at his face and demanded his keys. The victim gave Dicarlo keys to a different vehicle.

Police say Dicarlo ran to the Conoco gas station in the same complex and attempted three more carjackings on people pumping gas or eating lunch in their vehicles.

In one instance, she is accused of pointing the gun in a man’s face and then shooting into the air. She is also accused of shooting directly at a man attempting to run away to safety. Police say Dicarlo pointed a gun at a third victim at the gas station, who was reportedly unable to find her key fob in her purse.

According to arrest records, when police arrived, Dicarlo ran into a chiropractor’s office in the strip mall across the parking lot and demanded keys from the employee behind the desk. When the employee refused, police said Dicarlo fired a shot at the employee’s head. 

The shot missed, went through the wall and flew into the nail salon next door. A hole shows the bullet entered near the cash register and shattered a hole in the acrylic plastic sheet used to separate customers and the cashier. It ricocheted and became lodged in the opposite wall a few inches from a manicure station.

Employees at the nail salon say there were customers inside during the shooting. 

‘We’ve never seen anything like this’

“We’ve been in the strip mall 20-plus years and we’ve never seen anything like this,” Jon Harris said.

Harris has been working behind the bar at Devon’s Pub, which is across the parking lot from the nail salon, for the past 23 years. He describes the area as extremely safe and quiet. 

“Yeah, it definitely wasn’t what we expected. Normally we’ll see a pretty standard group of regulars, customer base, that comes in, and every one of them that were here were like, this is insane,” Harris said.

Dicarlo is accused of attempting to rob, carjack or shoot at eight people plus multiple others who were inside the nail salon. No one was injured during the crime spree. 

A Denver Police officer suffered a broken bone during the arrest. 

According to Denver Police, Dicarlo was wanted on several outstanding warrants in other jurisdictions. Police say she had a bag containing multiple firearms and more than 100 suspected fentanyl pills.