No charges filed against officer who shot and killed suspect during hostage situation last November

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 ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — The District Attorney’s Office says they will not be charging Deputy Adam Kingsley with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office Special Crime Attack Team (SCAT) for the shooting death of Anthony Pena.

Pena was sought in connection with crimes of eluding police officers and possessing a weapon since September 2019.

SCAT received a call from Denver FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force asking for assistance in apprehending Pena in the afternoon of November 1, 2019.

Deputy Kingsley spotted Pena in a car with a passenger, Megan Stout, and followed the car into a parking lot of a residential housing complex located near 84th Avenue and Fox Street.

Kingsley pulled up behind Pena’s car, bumper to bumper, and turned on his emergency lights.

As Pena started to get out of his car, another member of SCAT deployed a “flash bang,” a device meant to distract Pena so that officers could safely arrest him.

Pena’s car then drove in reverse, pushing against Kingsley’s vehicle.

Kingsley was able to pin Pena’s car against a wall, while other officers held Pena’s vehicle at gunpoint.

The passenger, Stout, remained in the vehicle. Pena held a gun out of the drivers side window and threatened to kill her.

Officers tried to negotiate with Pena and have him release Stout, who they heard screaming inside the vehicle.

After several attempts at negotiation and unable to move the hostage to safety, Kingsley shot at Pena who was in the driver’s seat. Pena was pronounced dead.

The DA’s Office says that based on evidence and witness statements, they will not be pressing charges against Kingsley.

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