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DENVER (KDVR) — Denver-area hospitals say we could know in the next few weeks whether Colorado will experience any sort of baby boom as a result of the pandemic.

After all, we are nine months into the pandemic now — and we all know what can happen during that time.

At this point, Denver Health tells FOX31 the jury is still out. But professionals do say we could see waves of new babies as we head into 2021.

Pre-COVID, Denver Health did somewhere between 3,400 to 3,600 deliveries a year.

The hospital is seeing similar figures right now.

The Associate Director of Service for OBGYN at Denver Health reminds us: we’re really just at the very beginning stage of where we would start seeing any pandemic babies.

Of course, many have been speculating whether there will be a boom, while others suggest a bust.

At this point, experts say it’s anyone’s guess.

“I actually speculated it would be a little of both,” explained Meredith Alston, Associate Director of Service for OBGYN at Denver Health. “I think we’re going to see it’s actually going to be months of fluctuation would be my prediction”.

When it comes to other Front Range Hospitals, Centura Health provided us with the following information:

“So far, our Centura Health sites across Colorado have not seen a significant increase in births due to the pandemic. We anticipate a rise possibly in January or February and are ready and waiting to care for these families and their new additions when they arrive.” a Centura Health Spokesperson said.