DENVER (KDVR) — You can only say Denver so many times before it gets old. Luckily, the city has plenty of other nicknames. Some of these nicknames are commonly heard in passing, while others are out of style and were used before Denver became a bustling city.

FOX31 asked our Facebook followers what nicknames they use.

The Mile High City

Any newbie to Denver should know this one first. Denver is most commonly referred to as the Mile High City because, elevation-wise, it is actually a mile high. If you go to the 13th step of the Colorado Capitol building, you’ll officially be standing 5,280 feet above sea level.

D-town/The Big D

Many Facebook users commented “D-town” or “The Big D” for common nicknames they’ve heard. But be careful where you use them.

A hot debate broke out on Yelp where locals fought over whether or not to call Denver “D-town.” Some don’t like the nickname because it’s closely associated with Detroit or Dallas, while others call it D-town because of places like “Chi-town” for Chicago.

There was no conclusion to the debate, only that some people despise the nickname and never use it while others use it all the time.

The 303

This one’s fairly self-explanatory. The 303 stands for Denver’s primary area code. You’ll probably find bars and restaurants referring to this around town.

Broncos Country

You may have heard this nickname from the Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, who coined the catchphrase “Broncos country, let’s ride,” which started up the spirit of football again in Denver.

The Queen City of the Plains

Many cities like Cincinnati and Charlotte refer to themselves as “The Queen City” for a variety of reasons. Denver is often called the Queen City but specifically of the plains.

There is a mural in Five Points that refers to Denver as the Queen City of the Plains, which is a more current example.

The box state

This probably has something to do with Colorado being in the shape of a box…


Overwhelmed with options? You’re not alone. Coloradans call it Menver because there’s a surplus of single, sporty men in the Denver dating pool.

Cow Town

Cow Town comes from the Moffat train tunnel, which brought sheep, hogs and cattle to the stockyards to sell, said Rachel Gabel, an agricultural writer.

At least, that’s what Denver was originally called.

“Used to be cow town before we got popular,” commented Sabrina Madrid.

Transplant planet

On FOX31’s Facebook, Ferris Rabieh refers to Denver as a “transplant planet,” and they’re not wrong. You’ll meet more people who moved to Denver than people who grew up in Denver, depending on who you call a local.

The people coming in are mostly young, rich coastal transplants.


While Rico Galeano commented “expensive” on FOX31’s Facebook, they’re not the only one who feels that way. It’s estimated to take around $1 million to retire in Colorado.

From the Queen City of the Plains to just expensive, Denver is called by many names. Next time you need a thesaurus when the name “Denver” becomes too boring, just look through FOX31’s Facebook comments. There are almost 400 comments and counting of nicknames for Denver.