DENVER (KDVR) — The most adorable mayors in the history of Louisville will be sworn in Tuesday. Meet Arlo and Hops, the newly elected co-pet mayors.

Their job as co-pet mayors is to spread a sense of community and positivity while educating the youth on the power of voting and bringing awareness to local pet charities.

The Youth Advisory Board began the Pet Mayor Project based on that mission and began the election in April.

There were over 80 candidates, some of them dogs or cats, even a rabbit and a guinea pig. Polls were closed on April 25, and the vote count was a tie.

It was decided that the two would be co-pet mayors for a two-year term, and they will be officially sworn in at the City Council meeting on May 16.

Meet the mayors

Arlo was rescued from a shelter and had some physical challenges from a bad breeding situation, according to a press release from the city of Louisville. He enjoys naps, spreading cheer and performing tricks that his human cousins taught him.

A dog is posing for the camera, another dog in a custom wheelchair is smiling.
Two dogs. Arlo (left) and Hops (right) were elected as the newest mayors in Louisville, and the cutest in the city’s history. (City of Louisville)

Hops is also a rescue dog and is partially paralyzed. He enjoys going to the park with his fur siblings, biking to the farmers market in the backpack he rides in and going on walks. The patio is his favorite place to sit for a meal, and he especially adores children.

He takes every chance he can to zoom around in his wheels, which helps his mobility. The city said he is an excellent example of resilience and a representative for those who are differently-abled.