WINTER PARK, Colo. (KDVR) — Winter Park Resort is mid-construction on a workforce housing property near the base of the mountain. 

“We started early summer. We laid the foundation. We will be laying the other foundation in a few weeks,” Winter Park Resort spokesperson Jen Miller said. 

According to Miller, stats and details on the new project include:

  • “This workforce housing complex is onsite, meaning residents will easily be able to walk to work, transit, and recreation.
  • When complete, there will be about 330 beds in a mix of studios and single and multi-bedroom units, which means we will be able to accommodate individual workers and professionals along with families.
  • There will be communal kitchens and living spaces, but private, lockable bedrooms, so no dormitory-style living.
  • It’s designed for both seasonal and year-round workers, and Winter Park will continue to subsidize rent, helping to keep local housing affordable for our staff.
  • It is modular construction, which reduces waste and other resources, making it a more environmentally sustainable approach to new development.
  • It’s planned to hold a solar array on the roof. We hope to have solar installed within the next three years.”

“We are looking to start rental prices for a one-bedroom around $650 to $700 a month,” Miller said. 

She told FOX31 and Channel 2 they haven’t released the exact costs of the project but it is privately funded. She said the key partners in the project include the Town of Winter Park, Winter Park Recreation Association, the team at Alterra Mountain Co., Winter Park Water and Sanitation and Saunders Construction.

“The entire valley needs affordable workforce housing,” Miller said. 

Former Winter Park Resort employee Mariah Rine agreed and said this project was built just a little too late for her. She said she had to leave Winter Park before the upcoming ski season because she couldn’t find anywhere affordable to live. 

“The best thing for me to do was leave, continue looking and try and return,” Rine said.

Rine, passionate about the housing issues in mountain towns, said even though she is in Georgia now, she’s still working with local leaders to fix the issues so others don’t feel forced out due to costs. 

“We’re pushing for these affordable housing initiatives, so we don’t have to leave. We want to stay and build a community,” Rine said. 

The new workforce housing project will open fall of 2023.