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BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — New video was released Thursday morning from the Boulder condo fire in October that damaged 81 units.

In the body camera video, you can see firefighters calmly telling a resident to kick out and jump.

“Fire! Come outside! Evacuate now,” Boulder firefighters shouted on scene.

“On the count of three, kick out,” a firefighter is heard shouting. “Good job buddy, good job!”

According to the Boulder Police Department, although many residents were able to get out their front doors, others could not. By the time a third-floor resident heard the commotion, he was unable to escape and made the decision to jump from his balcony, as you can see in the body cam video above.

BPD said the fire burned so hot that the heat melted off the aluminum unit numbers and copper pieces, even before the flames reached it, which is at least 1200 degrees.

“We are so grateful that the quick teamwork between these agencies saved so many lives that morning, both human and pet. That included firefighters rescuing a cage of birds from one residence and lowering down a frightened dog on a leash from an upper level,” according to the Boulder Fire Department.

Police and fire continue to investigate the cause of the fire.

The fire forced several residents from the Whittier Place Condominiums. The flames destroyed much of the complex, leaving every single unit at least temporarily unlivable.

The complex is located at the intersection of 23rd Street and Pearl Street, just a few blocks from the popular Pearl Street Mall.

Fundraisers opened for Boulder fire victims

GoFundMe has verified the following fundraisers for victims of the fire: