LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) — Body camera video sheds new light on what happened in a recent deadly police shooting in Littleton, but there are still a lot of questions.

The shooting happened near South Bannock Street and West Powers Avenue on Feb. 2, early in the morning, when Stephen Poolson was killed.

It got a lot of attention because initially, police said a man was driving a motorcycle and crashed. But a video later showed that the officer rammed the man with his patrol SUV.

Poolson was stopped because police say the motorcycle was stolen. The video showed they both took off running after the officer hit the man on the motorcycle.

FOX31 had asked for the body camera and other surveillance videos from the incident and received them on Monday.

Video shows Littleton officer shoot man near apartments

The video is from an apartment complex. It shows the suspect run, and it appears he’s holding something in his hand. Police say the suspect produced a gun, but they haven’t said if that was it.

The officer follows seconds later. The audio on his body camera is not on at this time.

But seconds later, they get to a courtyard, where surveillance video does have sound. It shows the man running from a police officer and captures the moment the officer opens fire.

The officer’s body camera is on as he chases the suspect, but the shooting itself is covered up by the officer’s jacket.

After the shooting, the jacket moves and you can see the suspect on the ground, not moving, and what police say is his gun a few feet away.

About five minutes later, other officers and paramedics show up and render aid to the man.

There are still a few important questions that police are not answering. Again, police say the suspect produced a gun, but they’ve never said if he pointed it at the officer.

Also, police have not explained why the officer rammed the man on the motorcycle to begin with. At that time, the officer’s body camera was not on.