DENVER (KDVR) — If you’re new to Denver, you might have a lot of questions.

Denver saw a boom in population in the last few years, and while the surge has slowed down, there are still new people choosing to call the Mile High City home every day.

In honor of 303 Day, Denver’s own holiday honoring its original area code, FOX31 asked viewers for their tips for people that just moved to the area and compiled a list of the top 10.

1. Be aware of the cost of living

A lot of viewers pointed out that Denver is expensive.

Denver has a higher cost of living than some places, and housing is part of that.

“Housing is expensive,” a viewer said. “You will need to make a lot of money.”

Inflation has also hit Denver very hard with the area ranking fourth in the nation for inflation since 2020.

“Be prepared, Colorado is expensive,” another viewer said.

2. Stay hydrated

Many viewers said their advice to newcomers or potential newcomers would be to drink more water.

“Drink more water. Not coffee, beer, or soda,” one viewer said. “More water.”

Denver is a semi-arid climate with lower humidity than some people might be used to.

“Don’t be surprised if you get the occasional nosebleed from the usually dry air,” a viewer said.

A few other viewers suggested that in addition to drinking water to help stay hydrated, you should moisturize your skin to keep it from being too dry.

“You’ll use more lotion and chapstick than ever in your life,” someone commented. “It’s dry!”

3. It will take time to get used to the altitude

Denver is known as the Mile High City because it sits exactly one mile above sea level.

The higher the altitude, the less dense the air around you becomes. And while Denver isn’t considered high-altitude, according to the Centers for Disease Control, anywhere over 8,000 feet above sea level is high-altitude, there are a few things Denver residents said you should keep in mind.

“The altitude will definitely hit you when you’re drinking or working out more than usual,” one viewer commented.

Another viewer said that you won’t be able to drink like you can at lower elevations.

“The altitude will get you every time,” they said.

4. Always have out-of-season clothes on hand

Given that Denver is on the Front Range and is only a short drive away from the Rocky Mountains, you can expect to experience the cold here.

However, unseasonably warm temperatures can happen even during the winter.

“There is no putting your shorts away for winter,” a viewer said.

Viewers suggested that you also keep a jacket and gloves in your car to have when it gets cold in the warmer months.

“Always have a jacket with you, even in July,” someone suggested.

5. Know how to drive in the snow

With the cold weather comes the possibility of snow, and Denver sees its fair share of it.

Because of this, you sometimes can’t avoid driving while it’s snowing.

There are a few things that viewers suggested that you have before attempting to drive in snow, such as all-season tires, a snow brush, and a scraper.

“Leave for work earlier than you think when it snows,” one viewer suggested.

The same viewer also suggested you know what the chain laws are if you’re planning on driving into the mountains, and to also have emergency supplies to get you through hours or days if your car gets stuck or there are road closures.

“All-wheel drive or four-wheel drive is nice, but remember that AWD or 4WD does not make the vehicle stop any better in low traction conditions,” another viewer commented.

6. Live in a house with a south-facing driveway

While everyone is impacted by the snow when it falls, some homes are better positioned than others.

“Whether renting or buying, try to get a place with a south-facing driveway,” a viewer said.

This is because snow melts faster in front of south-facing homes than it does in front of homes that face the north.

But if you have no choice in the matter, make sure to shovel the snow before it has a chance to freeze over.

“Always shovel the snow on the north side of a property or else it will ice and take forever to melt,” someone suggested.

7. Be ready for traffic

With the number of people that live here, traffic is a fact of life for many.

Several viewers pointed out that you need to be prepared for traffic if you want to move to the area, even if you’re looking to get away from the city.

“You didn’t move to the mountains but you’re going to wait in four hours of traffic to get there,” a viewer said.

Another viewer added, “on a good day…”

One viewer suggested that you avoid Interstate 25 and Interstate 70 during peak times altogether.

“DO NOT travel the interstates during so-called rush hours of 6:30-8:30 a.m. [or] 4:30-6:30 p.m.,” one viewer said. “Rush is a misnomer.. they are a parking lot.”

8. Take advantage of the seasons

Denver and its surrounding areas have a lot of things to do in all seasons, as one viewer pointed out.

“Snowboard, ski, snowmobile, go sledding in the winter,” they suggested. “Go fishing, camping, hiking in the summer. Go to the zoo, animal sanctuary in the spring. Go to museums, art galleries in the fall.”

Another viewer commented that Colorado sees all four seasons and to enjoy them all equally.

“Enjoy the summer just as much as the winter,” they said.

9. Explore and meet new people

“Get out of your comfort zone and explore places you’d normally not go,” one viewer suggested. “Eat food you’ve never tried, surround yourself with diversity and culture – your life will be enriched beyond measure.”

Another viewer commented that there are a lot of things in Denver and Colorado that you can do.

“Visit as many parks/open spaces as possible, do as many hikes as you can,” they said.

10. Respect nature

Something that goes hand-in-hand with enjoying the beauty that Colorado has to offer is treating that beauty with respect.

“If you destroy it you can’t enjoy it,” a viewer explained.

Other animals call the mountains home, as well, and you should not approach them.

“Don’t approach wildlife! This is their home and they will defend it,” the same viewer added.

One viewer joked that you “shouldn’t eat the yellow snow or pet the fluffy cows,” referring to bison.