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DENVER (KDVR) — Mike Jones is an award winning animator who is losing his vision due to a genetic disorder.

“I have central vision loss. So for me to be able to see certain things I have to kind of look around the edges of where my vision is not,” Jones said.

The disease is progressive and Jones feared his career was over. But then he found a device that really helps. It’s called IrisVision.

He snaps his phone on a virtual reality-type of headset and the IrisVision helps him to see what he typically cannot.

“You are not going to see like a normal person, but it is going to enhance your vision. It’s going to allow you to do things that you could not do otherwise,” he said.

Jones is now able to do some work, and IrisVision helps him with every day tasks like turning on the oven, searching through a drawer or watching TV.

It can also help him read.

Jones said he uses it every day at some point. “I love it,” he said.