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DENVER (KDVR) — Denver International Airport is implementing a new system for passengers to locate their lost items.

DIA’s new lost and found software system allows the lost and found agents to categorize found items right away.

“If someone was kind enough to return that to a customer service agent or someone at a gate, that would get sent to the Den Lost and Found,” said Alex Renteria, DIA spokesperson.

This is how the system works: The agents take a picture of the found item with any text on it, like a serial number, then feed the image to the software system. The system recognizes the item and categorizes it. When a passenger files a claim and describes their missing item the software is able to search for a match.

Before this year, it took the airport a while to get lost items logged into the system but the upgraded program is set to go significantly faster.

“Before, it was manually inputted. Now it’s easier than ever to find an item through photos,” Renteria said.

On average, the DIA Lost and Found team finds more than 2,600 lost items a month. This number will likely increase as passenger volumes increase this year.

It is free to file a claim for a lost item through DIA. DIA never charges passengers to file a claim for a lost item. There are websites attempting to impersonate DIA, asking for a fee. Be wary of these scam sites, and visit directly, then navigate to the lost and found webpage.

DIA finds a majority of items are lost at TSA checkpoints. The airport recommends passengers double-check their belongings before leaving TSA areas to save them a trip or a call to DIA’s lost and found.

The most common items left at DIA include sunglasses, IDs, jackets, backpacks, and small electronics. For sanitary reasons, DIA Lost and Found does not keep water bottles, hats, pillows or blankets.

After 30 days, unclaimed items go to auction through the City of Denver. To learn more about the auction, visit Denver’s surplus auction web page.

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