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BRIGHTON, Colo. — Some Colorado schools are making it easier for students to get the health care.

Every parent knows that one of the struggles of sick students is trying to squeeze them into a doctor’s appointment.

So, Kids First Health Care, a nonprofit, is making it easier by putting full health care centers inside some Colorado schools.

Kids First has health care centers inside eight schools with Brighton High School being the most recent addition.

The center is in the middle of the high school and provides all medical care, even dental and mental health counseling.

The best part is, they won’t turn any student away no matter their health insurance or family income circumstances.

Medical professionals are there to take care of any need: cough, sore throat, pink eye, etc.

The centers get the students the care they need fast because they believe no student can do well in school if they’re not healthy and ready to learn.

The school says it is also a good way for student athletes to get their yearly physical taken care of.