DENVER (KDVR) — Starting Oct. 1, anyone purchasing a firearm in Colorado must wait three days in most circumstances before they can receive it.

This is when House Bill 23-1219, which was passed in April and signed into law by Gov. Jared Polis, goes into effect.

Anyone who violates the law may face a fine of up to $500 for the first offense, and a fine between $500 and $5,000 for any further violations.

Gun waiting period: A few exceptions

There are two situations in which this law does not apply. For one, there is no waiting period when the gun is an antique firearm or a curio or relic.

Also, people in the armed forces being deployed in the next 30 days can sell their guns to family members, spouses or people with whom they share close family-like bonds without waiting three days.

Lawsuit filed, withdrawn over gun waiting period

In April, the pro-gun organization Rocky Mountain Gun Owners filed a lawsuit against Polis regarding the new law. The lawsuit argued the waiting period violates the Second Amendment.

That lawsuit was voluntarily dismissed without prejudice in August, meaning the group willingly withdrew it and can file it again at a later time.

RMGO also sued Polis over a separate law that raised the minimum age to buy guns to 21.

That law went into effect on Aug. 7. However, that same day, a judge issued an order that stopped the state from enforcing it until the case is heard in court.