DENVER (KDVR) — A man claiming to have been injured during the George Floyd protests in May 2020 has filed a lawsuit against the City and County of Denver.

Robert Dayton said he heard the commotion from the protest outside his home in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and decided to check out the situation. He claims he was hit by several PepperBalls after joining the event, the lawsuit states.

Dayton claims he sat down to rest and was hit in the elbow with a flashbang that caused “immense pain.”

The lawsuit claims Dayton was limited in his ability to work because he could only type with his left arm and needed to work “odd intermittent hours to keep up with his full-time job” as an electrical engineer. It also hindered his ability to run a side business which he eventually had to shut down.

Dayton’s lawsuit comes after a landmark decision was made to award several other George Floyd protester plaintiffs a total of $14 million.

A federal jury found Denver violated the First and Fourth Amendment rights of the protesters who filed suit, who claimed police hurt them during the demonstrations.

Dayton’s lawsuit is claiming violations of his First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

The lawsuit is seeking several compensations including economic losses, compensation for emotional distress, and punitive damages.