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GOLDEN, Colo. — 24-year old Austin Boutain was captured by police in Salt Lake City Tuesday, just one day after allegedly killing a student near the University of Utah during an attempted carjacking.

It was police in Utah who asked Golden police to check on 63-year-old Mitchell Ingle, the registered owner of a truck Boutain was seen driving.
When officers went to Ingle’s RV in Golden early Tuesday morning, they found him murdered inside.

Later Tuesday, a detective, district attorney and DA investigator flew to Utah interviewing Boutain and his wife, Kathleen, in jail about their relationship with the victim.

“It was an acquaintance relationship,” said Capt. Joe Harvey with the Golden Police Department.  “They had just met within the last few days before the death. There was no long term friendship or anything. It was very sporadic and only a few instances.”

According to court documents, the homeless couple decided to kill Ingle and steal his RV and truck.
Boutain told police he tried to shoot Ingle with a crossbow while he slept but didn’t injure him.
He then used a knife to cut Ingle’s throat.

The next day,  the couple took money, food, clothing, guns and drove to Salt Lake City in Ingle’s truck.  Utah police said Austin Boutain used one of those handguns to kill 23-year old Chinese computer science student ChenWei Gau near the University of Utah campus.

The couple could face charges of first degree murder, robbery, auto theft among others.

“Realistically they will probably face charges in Utah first and then we would have to do some extradition to Colorado to face charges here,” said Harvey.