DENVER (KDVR) — Friday evening, a first-of-its-kind cannabis consumption bus will debut in Denver. This business is unique because its target customers are guests at wedding receptions.

The Canna Cabanabus will be open for business at the Santa Fe Art District’s First Friday event.

“We’re serving public events and private events,” Alisha Gallegos, the owner of Canna Cabanabus, said.

Gallegos said the business model is for people to have a legal place to consume marijuana in public spaces along with outside concert venues or wedding receptions.

A $10 fee at Friday night’s art walk will give consumers the opportunity to bring their own marijuana onto the bus to consume. Gallegos said the bus will also be at A Taste of Colorado on Sunday.

Gallegos said her business idea came together through Denver’s marijuana social equity program.

The bus has blacked-out windows and is outfitted with a carbon filtration system, a medical-grade air purifier by the driver’s seat, along with a double barrier.

“Everything has to be done prior to being operational,” Gallegos said.

The owner said getting the word out about a new business in the cannabis sector can be tricky.  Gallegos cannot have a logo outside the bus or advertise with billboards.

“What we’re trying to do is partner with different dispensaries and local businesses,” Gallegos said. “And get the word out that way.”