DENVER (KDVR) — The Metropolitan State University of Denver just opened up its second brew lab, allowing students to major in beer.

The actual name for the major is the Brewery Operations major. Students will take 45 credit hours of brewing-related courses, along with other graduation requirement classes, to earn a bachelor of science.

The first brewing classes started in 2019 when MSU opened the Alcoholic Beverage Quality Assurance/Quality Control lab.

The first lab focused on brewing and chemistry with product consistency, quality and control. It allows beverage makers to test their products for alcohol content, nutritional content, water quality and other ingredients.

The 2019 lab taught students the homebrew scale while the new lab will be at a commercial scale with a 3.5 barrel system, said Tim Carroll, MSU’s director of media relations.

The commercial system prepares students with more relevant experience in the brewing industry.

The new lab is called the Charlie Papazian Brewing Education Lab, which is named after the founder of the American Homebrewers Association, the Great American Beer Festival and the Brewers Association. The lab took around $2 million dollars to complete.

With the new lab, students can design, brew and serve student-developed beers on campus once a new liquor license is secured

The brew lab and the new classes will start in October.

Drink up, Colorado. The young minds are studying booze now, creating even more beer lovers in Denver.