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DENVER — A new start-up app will allow you to park your vehicle near Denver International Airport for free – but only if you’re willing to rent it out while you’re out of town.

And you could make some money off it.

The app is called Drift and it is a pilot program being launched only in Denver.

Once you register with the app, you’re able to park near the airport for free at the USAirport parking lot.

You go to the lot, check-in and your vehicle will be inspected, washed and cleaned. The vehicle is also inspected and cleaned before it is returned to you.

The company will even pay you if your vehicle is rented out. The app says customers could make $50 per day or up to $350 a week – if it’s a seven-day rental and you have a high-demand vehicle.

Here’s the breakdown of how much per day depending on the vehicle, according to Drift.

  • Standard sedan–$25 per day
  • Mid-size SUV–$35 per day
  • Minivan–$35 per day
  • Large SUV–$50 per day

In addition, the company says they limit vehicles to 150 miles per day to reduce wear and tear on the vehicles and makes sure the vehicle is returned to you clean.

All the vehicles through Drift are also insured by Allstate.

Currently the app is only available for iPhone but they say it will be available for Android soon.