DENVER (KDVR) — Coors Field, along with Aramark Sports Entertainment and Amazon, implemented a way to pay and show you’re of drinking age during Rockies games.

The new technology is Amazon One and it’s already being used at other retailers, like Amazon-owned Whole Foods. It uses your palm to verify identification and lets you pay by hovering your hand over the screen.

It’s a fast-paced technology that Aramark — the official food, beverage and retail provider at Coors Field — suggested will help drink lines move.

“Our hope is that everybody enrolls and sees that benefit so that the lines in general move really fast, so that you can get back to the action,” said Alicia Woznicki, Aramark’s vice president of design and development. “And I think what we have been doing is piloting a number of frictionless technologies like these stores, like our automated self-checkout, and what we are noticing when you take out all of that friction, that one last piece of friction that exists is pulling out your ID to show us that you are indeed 21. And to be able to do that seamlessly now will really make things move a lot faster.”

Amazon One palm readers in use at Coors Field

Fans heading into Monday night’s Rockies game said they were hesitant to use the technology, simply because they don’t know how secure it is.

Gamegoer Chad Drew said: “I like the fact that it’s going to be quick and convenient, but at the same time, it seems like it could get knocked off quick, seems like it could be fraudulent pretty quick.”

Aramark and Amazon say the palm-scanning technology is safe, but the traditional form of showing your ID and paying is still an option. Two spots inside of Coors will offer the new feature — the sandlot brewery and Coors Light Silver Bullet Bar — and Monday night’s game was the first time it was used.

Woznicki said they are excited to see fans interact with the technology and want to “make sure it delivers on the promise” of faster, seamless interactions.

If you are a member of Amazon One, you can go upload your ID to enroll or enroll at the game using one of the kiosks.

Amazon One gives these instructions on how to get enrolled at Coors Field:

  • Visit an Amazon One enrollment kiosk at either the SandLot Brewery or Coors Light Silver Bullet Bar within Coors Field. Enrollment takes less than a minute.
  • Once enrolled, customers take a photo on their mobile device of the front and back of their valid, government-issued identification (ID) – such as a driver’s license – and then take a selfie to verify their ID.
  • Once completed, customers will be prompted to hover their palm over the Amazon One device at the bar for all future alcoholic beverage purchases. If they are of drinking age, the bartender will see a “21+” message along with the customer-uploaded selfie displayed on screen on their side of the counter. After doing a visual match of the photo with the customer in front of them, the bartender will complete the alcohol sale.
  • When the customer is ready to pay, they will simply hover their palm over the Amazon One device once more and be charged for their purchase