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BOULDER, Colo. — Four mountain lions were spotted outside a home near Boulder and a homeowner was able to grab his cellphone and catch video of the cats.

The video was shot Saturday night about five miles northwest of Boulder. It’s not the first time the usually secretive creatures have come near the home.

“I was in the study, on the phone, glanced out the window and said, ‘Oh my gosh look at the mountain lions,'” Barry Friedlander said.

There they were, on a driveway near an area where trash is usually kept. Wildlife officers believe the lions were part of a family in search of food.

“Well, I’ve seen them before but never, one and then there were two, and then there was three,” Friedlander said.

Turns out, there was another one up the road for a total of four.

This isn’t the first time these types of animals have approached Friedlander’s home. A mountain lion mauled one of his beagles and nearly killed him 10 years ago.

Liz Friedlander had just let her dog out when she heard the dog yelping.

“I remember running out the door, collecting the lead,” she said. “And I remember seeing the shape of the mountain lions head with the two little prick ears and smelling it and then I remember being back inside.”

The dog named Jester survived the attack.

“I realize that they live here and this their home, but it bothers me that they are comfortable coming up to windows and coming up to people’s decks,” Liz Friedlander said.

The family has set up a chain link fence on their deck to keep mountain lions out.

They still wonder if more sightings like these are yet to come.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers have been monitoring mountain lions with tracking collars in the area.

So far, they say there’s no reason to believe more of them are approaching areas populated by humans.