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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — The neighbor whose surveillance video could be at the center of a child murder case is speaking out following the arrest of Letecia Stauch.

Roderrick Drayton says he knew Letecia had something to do with Gannon Stauch’s disappearance. Until Monday, he had been hoping that — somehow, some way — Gannon was still alive.

Drayton’s video shows Gannon leaving with his stepmom, but Drayton says Gannon was nowhere to be seen when Letecia returned.

“I watched the video,” Drayton said. “I could slow it down, speed it up. I know he didn’t come home with her. I knew something — she [had] done something with him or to him.”

Drayton started reviewing footage after a knock on the door from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“I just kept looking through video,” he said. “Hundreds of clips. Until I found it.”

From the start, as search teams traveled over acres of land looking for Gannon, Letecia has maintained her innocence. 

“It’s been really tough,” said family friend Cassy Brown.

Brown’s son was friends with Gannon. The two bonded over video games.

“He really did love Sonic as much as everybody says,” Brown said.

Weeks following news of Gannon’s disappearance, balloons and ribbons are still hard to miss in the Lorson Ranch neighborhood. The community continues to honor the memory of Gannon.