DENVER (KDVR) — Because of inflation, the need for food is going up. Inflation is also causing the Food Bank of the Rockies to fork over more money for the food they provide to struggling families.

At Food Bank of the Rockies, 75% of their food supply is donated and the other 25% they buy, including truckloads full of fresh produce to feed families across 30 counties in Colorado and all of Wyoming.

The money they receive through donations is not going as far as it was a year ago due to inflation.

The CEO of Food Bank of the Rockies, Erin Pulling, said they are now spending three times what they were pre-pandemic due to inflation and the increased need for food.

“The increased need that we’re seeing right now is even greater than we saw during the first year of the pandemic. So many people are having trouble making ends meet and having to make decisions on a weekly basis of putting food on the table or paying essentials like rent or car payments,” Pulling said.

Now with the holidays approaching, they are working to help families make the holidays special.

With donations, they’ve purchased five truckloads of turkeys for Thanksgiving. They started ordering those turkeys 10 months ago.

“We’re hearing from so many families when they’re having to make these tough choices week in and week out with Thanksgiving approaching. They don’t have the extra budget to put a holiday meal on the table,” Pulling said.

However, she adds that Colorado families appreciate the love and support they receive during the holiday season, but hunger is year-round.

“Food Bank of the Rockies depends on financial gifts that are made at year-end over the holiday season really to provide for these organizations to distribute food throughout the year because the need doesn’t decrease in January. While donations might drop off, food, volunteerism, as well as financial support, the people that we serve are still in need and we’re gonna be here with that same level of service for as long as it takes, every day throughout the year,” said Pulling.

If you would like to help a food bank near you, visit the Food Bank of the Rockies website.