DENVER (KDVR) — There are around 150 license plates available in Colorado, and some of them are only available for a specific group.

Here are some of the most unique license plates available on Colorado’s DMV website that you should check out before you order normal plates.

License plate design. Mountains in the background with Colorado flag in the sky. "The centennial state," is printed on the bottom
Colorado 150th Anniversary license plate entry in the over-13 category by Evan Griesheimer of Denver. (Credit: Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles)

Regular license plates

The regular license plates are available to any Coloradan based on your vehicle, but there are still some interesting plates to choose from. As of Tuesday, the 150th-anniversary plates are available on the DMV website. There are also historical license plates, which come in all black, red and navy with white lettering.

Group special license plates

Anyone can purchase a group license plate in Colorado. The plates represent a foundation, and some of the money from the plates goes to the organization. There are 50 plates available, and all of them are heavily decorated.

One of the most interesting plates is the Colorado Professional Firefighter plate, where the proceeds go toward the Colorado Professional Firefighter Foundation.

Historical and special license plates

These license plates are only available based on the car you own. Some of the plates include taxi drivers, horseless carriages and U.S. representatives. If you own a collector’s vehicle, you may be able to order a specialized plate.


Colorado has specific plates just for alumni. The DMV provides 13 different colleges and universities to choose from. The University of Colorado’s license plate is yellow and has Ralphie the Buffalo in the heart of the plate.


People who have been in the military are eligible for specialized license plates. There are 40 license plates available, which range from U.S. Air Force to Prisoner of War. The plates are specific to your rank and where you served, which include Vietnam Veteran and Veteran of the Afghanistan War.

While some of the plates aren’t available to some people, there’s a plate for everyone. Look through the DMV before you order another basic plate.