BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Nine dogs were killed or taken by mountain lions in Nederland since August, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

CPW held an informational meeting for residents of Nederland to educate them on mountain lion behavior after multiple dogs were killed or taken.

According to Rachel Gonzales with CPW, in some of those nine cases, the dog was taken and returned to its owner injured but alive.

Due to the rise in mountain lion activity, Nederland’s Town Hall said that a few locals compiled recent data and created an online tracker of where the encounters occurred. The online tracker separates the encounters into three categories: recent attacks, attacks from that month and attacks from 30 or more days ago.

An online tracker created by Boulder County locals tracks recent mountain lion encounters. (Credit: Colorado Wildlife Encounters)

The tracker also provides a description of the encounter and whether the mountain lion attacked an animal.

During the informational meeting held Wednesday night, CPW offered tips on how to handle mountain lion encounters:

  • Do not attract or feed wildlife by leaving food or trash near your home
  • Make the mountain lions feel uncomfortable around your home by changing the lighting and turning on the radio
  • Keep pets close
  • Check the surrounding area before letting pets out between dusk and dawn
  • Make noises as you open your door to let the lion know they are not welcome

Anyone who experiences a mountain lion incident is asked to report it to CPW.