DENVER (KDVR) — Migrant families, who were given extra days at shelters because of extremely cold weather over the weekend, will have to leave the shelter on Tuesday.

Some 190 immigrants will be forced to leave hotel shelters in Denver.

On Friday, FOX31 found some families living in an encampment near Zuni Street and Speer Boulevard, learning their length of stay ended at a motel across the street. Families are allowed to stay 37 days before they are forced to leave.

On Friday afternoon, FOX31 crews saw Denver Police Department officers gathering some of them, learning they were taken to a shelter as dangerously cold weather approached.

“Well, they’ve been coming on a daily basis, DPD, to pick up families. And so on that day, there were about six children,” Friends of South Denver advocate Amy Beck said.

Beck leads an organization that helps the homeless, which now includes members of the migrant population.

“We just need locations where anybody can go to that’s being turned out of the hotel,” Beck said.

Migrants struggle as shelter stays end

A woman who migrated here with her three children told FOX31 that if she had to leave the shelter today, she would end up living on the streets. She said she can still stay in the hotel shelter, but time is running out, and she’s hoping to be able to work so she can pay to house her children.

While FOX31’s cameras were there, a woman showed up and distributed used shoes, gloves and other types of clothing.

There are currently five open hotel shelters for migrants in the Denver area. Outside one of them, FOX31 found a man who said he and his family with several children had been living in a car.

The car was having mechanical issues, but he said it was able to keep his family warm over the weekend when temperatures were freezing.